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A medical office is a physical space or structure where liberal professions related to health and care are practiced (for example, specialized doctors in a particular field, dentists, pulmonologists, radiologists, nurses, physiotherapists, osteopaths, speech therapists, gynecologists, etc.). These doctors or health professionals offer specialized consultations within these offices. Therefore, it goes without saying that a gynecologist, for example, will only offer consultations in gynecology, an ophthalmologist will only offer consultations for eyes, and so on.Although not mandatory, it is quite common for a medical office to be composed of several specialized doctors, thus creating a multidisciplinary office. Today, it is a trendy approach, as can be seen in studies on the subject.The concept of multiple specialists practicing together under one roof was first created in 1935 by Dr. Julien Rozan (1907-1982), who opened the first group office in France. It quickly became a resounding success, with the aim of bringing together several specialties under one roof to offer unique patient care and comprehensive treatment. The practicality of this method makes life easier for professionals, saving them time, and is also beneficial for patients who no longer need to run around to take care of their health. The first medical office of this kind was established in Aubervilliers, which later became the Polyclinic d'Aubervilliers, now integrated within the European Hospital of Paris.A medical office always comprises at least one consultation room (which can also serve as the doctor's office, depending on the layout and structure), a waiting room for patients, and sometimes a small reception area where a medical secretary is present to provide information, take appointments, handle payments, and perform any other administrative tasks.Learn more

What education and training are required to work or open a medical practice?

If you are considering opening a medical practice, then in order to successfully carry out your project, you will need to do things in the right order and in compliance with regulations. Before anything else, it is highly recommended that you develop a business plan in order to prepare for the opening of a medical practice, regardless of the location and timing.While this is not an obligation on your part, it must be noted that drafting a business plan for a medical practice is one of the best ways to clarify the project, set objectives, and present the action plan in the best light possible in order to obtain necessary financing from banks (which, in itself, is one of the major challenges of the venture - let it be said!).Given that the development of a business plan is not a simple matter, here is a 5-step guide to assist you before exploring the relevant profiles to incorporate into a medical practice:1 - Market research is an essential prerequisite if you are wondering how to open a medical practice. There are two particular axes to study closely: demographic, social, and economic research of patients (in order to establish a demographic, economic, and social profile, several elements must be taken into account, including the age pyramid, population density, socio-professional categories, average income, unemployment rate, etc.), and research on health needs (knowing the existing range of care and medical structures in place is crucial data, as it will determine your position in your practice area).2 - As a future doctor or independent healthcare professional, you need to choose a legal status that is adapted to medical practices:- Sole proprietorship under the personal income tax regime, which is taxed in the Non-Commercial Benefits (BNC) category.- The Liberal Professional Company (SEL), with limited liability (SELARL) or simplified shares (SELAS), alone or with several associates. These companies function in the same way as capital companies (EURL/SARL, SASU/SAS) with accounting and tax specificities.3 - Prior to drafting the business plan, finding a suitable location for your medical practice is crucial, as real estate expenses (rent or purchase) are an element to consider in your budget forecast.4 - Drafting the business plan: with a synthesis, precise and accurate budgeting.5 - Financing research, and like starting a business, try to increase your chances of success by presenting a clear, viable, and solid project to your potential financial partners.Now that we have covered all of this, let's take a look at the different profiles you could find in a medical practice:- The medical or medical-social assistant, whose role is to welcome and inform patients, plan activities (the consultation schedule, admissions, etc.), and manage administrative follow-up (medical records, appointment letters, etc.) for the medical practice, hospital service... They may also perform accounting and budget management operations. This job/profession is accessible with a diploma at the Bac level (Post-Baccalaureate degree, vocational training, etc.) up to a Bac +2 in secretarial or medical and social sciences. It is also accessible with a Vocational High School Diploma in the tertiary sector, supplemented by professional experience in the medical sector. Mastery of office tools (word processing, spreadsheets, etc.) is required.- Healthcare professionals, who may be diverse, depending on specialties. We therefore refer you to the job sheets that correspond to the relevant profiles: dentist, general practitioner, pulmonologist, radiologist, physical therapist, etc.

What is the scope of a medical practice?

These coordinated exercise structures offer many benefits to healthcare professionals who work there. Here's a brief overview of the good reasons to practice or seek care in a health center when sick or in pain. Practicing in a health center has many advantages, especially for the new generation of healthcare professionals, but also for their patients.Firstly, these local care facilities meet the aspirations of young professionals, namely, multi-professional practice, collective practice, and modern care models. They also offer a more flexible working environment, an exercising mode that allows professionals to better balance their personal and professional lives.Moreover, innovation, project development, or partnerships are in the DNA of medical offices, which also maintain a high level of flexibility and freedom. From a practical standpoint, managing administration, centralizing data, and other similar tasks are advantages for both professionals and patients. Everything is managed by the health center, which means less administration, more time dedicated to the patient - whether it's consultation time or coordination time. Another very practical advantage: sharing resources and care paths makes it possible to access the shared medical record (DMP), which results in significant time and energy savings.Finally, we would also like to point out that medical offices are designed to encourage interactions between practitioners, and their configuration reflects this approach: common rooms, exchange spaces, etc. Typically, this results in a more pleasant, lighter atmosphere that is particularly palpable with patients.

Why should one turn to a medical clinic in case of a health problem?

As a healthcare professional, whether you are job hunting, currently working, or looking to start a new career, opening a medical practice can be a good solution. In fact, it will allow you to gain more freedom in terms of managing the structure, which in itself is already a significant advantage over an individual situation. If you become self-employed through a medical practice, you can decide your own working hours and be accountable only to yourself. By setting up your own practice, you can also choose where you want to work, which is another advantage that matters to professionals. You have some flexibility in terms of working conditions. You can furnish your practice and equip it according to your needs and desires.It should be noted that, for any healthcare professional, opening a medical practice also allows you to develop your career and create a real relationship of trust with your patients and with other professionals, with whom you could create a sort of synergy.From the patient's point of view, it must be recognized that the medical practice also has many advantages. We will quickly go through them, as most of these advantages have already been mentioned earlier. First of all, the medical practice is often located close to where you live, compared to an individual primary care physician, which can be harder to find. Additionally, concentrating several healthcare professionals in one location generally has the immediate effect of reducing waiting times for patients. In addition to providing daily curative care, a medical practice also organizes prevention campaigns, particularly regarding vaccinations and screenings for various cancers or common chronic diseases (cardiovascular disease, diabetes). This is an opportunity for many people to get reassurance and perform tests they may not have done through follow-ups with an individual primary care physician.

When should you consult a medical practice/clinic?

According to article L.6323-3 of the French Public Health Code, "The health center is a legal entity formed by medical professionals, healthcare professionals or pharmacists. They deliver first-line healthcare services (...) and can participate in public health actions, prevention, health education, and social actions as part of the health project they develop (...)." Following this principle, if you have a health problem and wish to receive medical attention to reassure yourself, it is recommended that you contact the nearest medical practice to make an appointment for a consultation.

How to find a medical practice in the area?

Do not worry, no matter where you live, whether it be in a region, department or city, finding a medical clinic should not be too complicated as there are more and more of them across the country. Whether you live in Grand Gaube or in a less densely populated rural area, you are likely to find what you are looking for just a few kilometers away from your home. To begin with, we advise you to ask around among your acquaintances, relatives, and colleagues at work. This is often where you can get good tips and addresses, so do not hesitate to take advantage of your network. In the event that word of mouth does not yield any results, we invite you to turn to the internet and consult a site like StarOfService, for example, which lists all professionals in a particular field, depending on where you are searching (including healthcare professionals). In just a few clicks, the site will provide you with the information and contact details of all medical clinics in your area and across France, so you can even get in touch with the facility of your choice from the comfort of your own home.

How much does a consultation cost in a medical office?

When you consult a doctor or healthcare professional, the consultation fee may vary depending on whether the doctor is contracted or not and whether they practice in Sector 1 or Sector 2:- Contracted doctor - Sector 1: The consultation is set at €25 by the agreement. The reimbursement is 70%. You will therefore be reimbursed €16.50, as the €1 flat fee must be deducted. To find out what rate a healthcare professional practices, check the health directory on the Ameli website.- Contracted doctor - Sector 2: The situation varies depending on whether the doctor is an Optam member or not. The Optam (controlled fee schedule option, formerly the healthcare access contract) is an agreement between contracted doctors and health insurance. This agreement allows for capped excess fees.- Non-contracted doctor - Sector 3: The doctor does not adhere to the medical agreement and therefore practices freely with the rates they desire. Health insurance reimburses consultations and basic acts at a "authority" tariff. Regardless of the amount of the consultation with a general practitioner, the reimbursement will be up to €0.61, and up to €1.22 with a specialist.

How to choose the right medical office to go to?

As we have already mentioned earlier, using word of mouth can be very relevant to find a medical practice. This is also true when it comes to finding a high-quality medical practice that is recognized and praised by its past patients. Therefore, in the first place, we advise you once again to start by asking around among your friends, family and acquaintances, as they may know of a medical practice that offers excellent services, nearby.If this is not the case, all is not lost, don't worry! Use the internet and take a look at and browse through certain websites that specialize in professional listings such as StarOfService. You will find complete lists of medical practices that operate in your area, nearby, as well as reviews and comments from patients who have used their services, which really provide crucial information. We strongly advise you to take the time to carefully read through these reviews and comments that you will find on the website, as they can be very useful in making a decision about the right practice or address to choose.Once you have found the medical practice you need, make sure to check its availability, services and ensure that its rates correspond to what you have planned or are willing to pay, and clearly state the service or consultation you desire.One last piece of advice in this regard: be wary of professionals who say 'yes' to everything, or who propose prices that defy all market competition, generally, this is not a very good sign, and you might bitterly regret your choice.

Some questions to ask a health professional at the medical office during your first meeting:

- How long have you been practicing this activity and when did the medical practice open?- What is your education or level of study that allows you to practice this profession?- What are your prices? Is it possible to have a detailed breakdown of them?- What are your availabilities and can you guarantee compliance with the dates and prices?


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